Christmas came early!

My friend Jia hao did one for some of my TL friends.. so decided to do it too! Its two different videos below… Its quite funny! Enjoy!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

I’m so loving Christmas!!! (tho its not about elves la)..


Oh happy day!

Met up with Pam, Mish, Stef, Zhi Rong and Mel to collect our results/testimonials from school on Thursday. It was really good to see all of them again… especially Stef and mel who just got back from the Phils.

School was pretty quiet when we got there… and it felt like yesterday that we were still on campus attending class, enjoying out breakfast breaks and seeing each other everyday… but school was over a month ago.. time really flies.

We had Katong Laksa for lunch then head over to around the corner to this new eatery called Everything With Fries. It’s started by the same people who opened Awfully Chocolate. The place had the same concept of stark white walls, simple off-white decor… a huge black board with the menu written on it in chalk… rows of pastel coloured cupcakes on display and waiter boys in pink shirts and white berms. Basically all the mains comes with a side of fries. You can choose what type of fries and flavour your want. But since we already had our laksa we just ordered desserts and snacks. We chose the Nutella tart with ice-cream, a peanut butter and a strawberry cupcake, sour cream fries and drinks… man.. the were pretty good! I loved the fries and peanut butter cupcake! The Nutella one was alright… not super impressive cos i think eating it on its own would be a bit too much.

After such a hearty meal and desserts, the girls and i thought we should go to bedok reservoir in the evening for a run/walk.

The weather was PERFECT! Nice and cool… fresh air with a light breeze. Pam, stef, Mish and i were determined to complete 2 rounds of the reservoir.. which is about 10k in total. Mish and I ran the 1st round.. well.. i tried running 1 round la.. but i think i slowed to a brisk walk after 3k. But it felt good.. really nice to just have some time alone with my thoughts and the sound of my feet thumping the ground at a constant rate.. its quite soothing. After the 1st round, Mish and i walked back to look for Stef and Pam… and we continued to walk the 2nd round in the other direction. I really have so much fun with these girls! =)  I think we were a little loud.. kinda disturbing the couples who were snuggled on the benches.. but we didnt really care.. its not like we were shouting and screaming.. just laughing at our own sillyness.. talking.. and walking. I love it!

So we’ve kinda decided we’ll meet every thurs to do this… =)

We spent like 2 hours at the reservoir! And i didnt really have dinner.. so we went to 85 to have a little bit of supper.. haha.. kinda defeats the purpose of exercising.. but we didnt eat a whole lot la. I’m sure we’ll cut down on supper as time goes by.. haha..

I really enjoy carefree days like this.. when we’re not so bogged down by the world.. just enjoying the moment and enjoying each other. I thank God for you all!

Looking forward to meeting up with more people this weekend…

I’m a happy girl!

Little Treasure Box

It is really a gem waiting to be found!

Drifting in and out…

A friend of mine asked me how come i’ve stopped blogging… and i say i have a journal that i usually write in. BUT i do miss putting up stuff in this space… a space that doesn’t yellow with age. I like the fact that i can just search keywords and find my previous posts related to those words. Maybe i should start writing stuff here more regularly again. Well… that’s what i say now… we’ll see if i end up doing it. haha…

My current thoughts are on friends.

I don’t like it when people say, friends come and go. I don’t like it but its true. Why do some people who were very close to me at one point in life, become a little distant as time goes by. How i wish it doesn’t happen this way.. but it does. Friendships change and it really requires time and effort from both sides to keep it going. I see heaps of ‘friends’ that i have on facebook… but i wish more of them were ones that i could call on a whim and talk about anything under the sun. But as much as i want it.. some pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit. I get stuck sometimes.. not knowing what to say… just want to be comfortable in the silence.

Its not like i dont have close friends now… i dont know.. i guess its just a sudden thought while looking around and reflecting on the people who are currently close to me. Its just a random thought maybe…

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